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Our Lawsuit Settlement Loans grant you fast access to funding in just 3 easy steps!

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Need cash before your case settles? There is no fee to apply, and you owe us nothing if you lose your case.

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Disclaimer: "Lawsuit loans" are not traditional loans.

Receiving legal funding from a lawsuit loan company is commonly referred to as a “lawsuit loan” but please note lawsuit loans are not traditional loans since if you lose your case, you owe us nothing. This type of loan is referred to as a non-recourse loan & is the only type of “lawsuit loan” Stonewood Funding provides it’s clients.

Why Stonewood Funding For Settlement Loans?

Life won’t wait for your settlement check. Why should you?

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100% Risk Free

No monthly charges, upfront payments, or credit checks. You do not owe a dime if you lose the case. Seriously.

Quick Easy orange

Quick & Easy

Fast and easy pre-settlement funding process. You get access to your cash immediately after you’re approved.

Low Rates orange

Lowest Rates

No hidden charge or implicit terms. Our low rates will beat any other funding contract out there.

Advantages of Settlement Loans With Stonewood Funding

At Stonewood Funding, we believe that everyone awaiting a lawsuit settlement deserves fair and just treatment. That is why we offer pre-settlement loans at the very best rates, alongside world-class customer service. Our loans are risk-free, there are no application fees, and if you do not win your case, you won’t owe us anything!

How It Works: Easy As 1-2-3!

We help you access a part of your settlement before your case is finalized.

Step 1: You Apply

You apply online or call 844-544-3863 to speak with our customer service rep

Step 2: We Review

We review your application and evaluate your case with your attorney.

Step 3: Get Funding

You receive your cash almost immediately after approval.

Get $1,500 to $250,000 funded in your account within 24 hours.

What is a Lawsuit Loan?

Lawsuit loans allow you to secure the money you need from your pending lawsuit, fast. You should not have to stress about paying medical bills and other expenses while you are waiting for the money you are owed. Instead, when you need to focus on your recovery, a lawsuit loan can give you the space and room to breathe you need.

Victims of negligence are often forced to accept low-ball settlements because they need the money to pay for damages that were forced upon them. This is entirely un-just. You deserve a fair settlement, and with lawsuit funding, you can take back your power and wait it out for the settlement you are owed.

Insurance companies did not get to be the behemoths they are by paying out everything they owe to victims. They will fight to devalue your settlement by exploiting your vulnerability. However, with our help, you will have the resources to survive and fight your case whilst you seek maximum compensation.

What Can Lawsuit Loans Be Used For?

People usually apply for pre-settlement funding to cover living expenses after an accident. Personal injury attorneys are usually paid on a contingency basis, which means they receive a percentage of your eventual settlement, and therefore a lawsuit cash advance is not usually required for actual litigation funding or to pay a personal injury lawyer.

A pre-settlement cash advance is your money and can be used for anything. Accident victims most commonly use it for medical bills, living expenses, property repair, and more.

The Stonewood Funding Commitment

Stonewood Funding is committed to the rights of victims awaiting settlements. We strive to offer the best possible rates, and speedy service so that you can remain empowered in the fight for what you deserve.

We don’t stop there. We believe in justice, and want the best possible outcome for your case. We will aim to help you understand how the lawsuit funding process works and guide you in a way that allows you to maximize the amount you receive in your eventual settlement. Rather than looking to monopolize on our own profit, we advise plaintiffs to only take what is enough to sustain them while they are awaiting settlement.

We offer the very best rates and fair and affordable charges. If you have sustained an injury after an accident, or are dealing with insurance companies dragging their feet, then we’ve got you covered.

At Stonewood Funding, we can fund your case while you wait for the maximum settlement.

We offer a fast, online application process, and you will receive your funds immediately after approval. Your loan is risk-free. If you do not win your case, you won’t owe us anything.

Apply online or speak to one of our friendly funding specialists today at 844-544-3863 to start your free application for lawsuit funding!

Bills won’t wait for your settlement. Why should you?

How Do Lawsuit Loans Work?

Stonewood Funding is a mold-breaking lawsuit loan company. Unlike traditional lawsuit funding, where victims must repay the entire loan whether their lawsuit is successful or not, you will only pay us back if your claim is successful. That means you will not be indebted to us. We assume all the risks.

Step One: Secure Representation From an Attorney

First, you will need to secure representation from an attorney to file your lawsuit. Your law firm can help guide you and we will work alongside them to find a solution that meets your needs.

Step Two: Apply For Pre-Settlement Funding

Next, you can reach out to us with information about yourself, your case, and your attorney. Our specialists will review the potential outcome of your lawsuit. Our underwriters will speak with your attorney and review your claim and then offer you an amount and send the agreement to your attorney.

Step Three: Review the Contract

You and your attorney will review your contract. If you are happy with everything then you will both sign the agreement, and you will have the cash in your bank account within 24 hours!

Step Four: Repayment

We do not take money upfront. You will only repay your loan if your settlement is successful and it will come straight from your attorneys’ account before it reaches you.

What Types of Lawsuit Loans Can You Access?

There are several types of lawsuit loans we offer, including but not limited to:

Car accident loans can be accessed to help you with your finances while you await compensation following your car accident.

Personal injury loans can be used to access funding to help with things like medical bills and lost wages while you await compensation following an accident that wasn’t your fault.

How Much Legal Funding Can I Access?

Our business model revolves around lowering risk while ensuring that you have the resources you need to pursue your lawsuit settlement. The best way to do that is to offer you a percentage of your lawsuit settlement in anticipation of success.

The funds you are entitled to will depend on the potential value of your lawsuit and its chance of success. We may consider factors such as:

How clear is the liability of the defendant?

How well can you prove that the other party was at fault for your injuries? If you have strong evidence such as CCTV, witnesses, and a strong police report, these will all add value to your case.

What is the level of damage?

If you have sustained serious injuries or high levels of damages such as property damage and lost wages, then this will influence how much you could be owed.

How much insurance coverage does the defendant have?

We will review the insurance policy of the defendant to determine how much they could access.

Benefits of Pre-Settlement Advances

More Time to Maximize Compensation

One of the most important benefits is that it gives attorneys and personal injury plaintiffs more time. Insurance companies can take advantage of victims who are desperate for money to pay for living expenses and medical bills while they are out of work and recovering from injuries. As a result, people end up panicking, settling for less than what their claim is worth.

When you have the breathing room provided by a lawsuit cash advance, you and your personal injury lawyer will have the time and space necessary to litigate your case and maximize the amount you receive in compensation.

Less Stress

Once the loan enters your bank account, your financial situation will be improved quickly, and you will be able to live your life without the financial hardship that otherwise plagues victims of personal injury lawsuits.

Better Recovery

When you are stressed about where your next meal is going to come from, resting and recovery seem impossible. Less stress often equates to a faster recovery.

A lawsuit loan will also help cover medical expenses. You should not have to put off treatment because you are waiting for the money you are owed. It is important that you do everything possible to improve your recovery. The loan may also help you get to and from important appointments, maintain a safe and comfortable home, pay for childcare, allow you to eat healthily, and more.

Rent won’t wait for your settlement. Why should you?

Reasons to Choose Stonewood Funding

Choosing a lawsuit funding company when you are pending settlement funds is an important financial decision that should be made with great care. After an accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve to be properly compensated and should avoid being taken advantage of by lawsuit loan companies whose only goal is to make lots of money.

At Stonewood Funding, we truly care about you and your future. Here are a few things that make us stand out from the crowd.

Low-Interest Rates

Typical lawsuit settlement loans have a high rate and compound interest. Monthly compound interest means that you are charged interest each month on the amount due rather than the amount borrowed. If your case takes a long time to settle, then it can have a MASSIVE impact on the amount you end up owing.

We promise no application fees or hidden fees. We offer best rates than our competitors. Our clients save massive amounts by working with us, often thousands of dollars. This means that they receive more of the financial compensation they deserve, which is our goal!

Stonewood Funding beats any pre-settlement funding company out there.


Most pre-settlement lawsuit funding companies will lend to anyone and will expect you to pay back what you borrow, regardless of the outcome of your case. This puts people in incredibly hard financial situations.

We offer a no-win, no-fee service, with no strings attached!

We offer a free case evaluation, and we will only fund you if you stand a high chance of success. We will take on all the risk, so we only take payment when your case settles. If your case is unsuccessful, then you will not owe us anything.

Fast Cash Advance

Many of our clients need pre-settlement lawsuit loans to pay for their daily lives while they await an expected settlement from their case. If you are unable to work or care for your children, that money is invaluable to you. That’s why you need it fast!

We will get right to work to review your case. Once you are approved by our underwriters will get the funds to your bank or credit union in less than 24 hours.

No Credit Check

We do not require a credit check or employment verification for lawsuit financing. Securing a loan for a future settlement is easy, and you can qualify regardless of your history or employment status.

Questions to Ask a Lawsuit Loan Company

All lawsuit settlement funding companies claim to be the best, and although we’re sure that we can offer the best rates and the best service to our clients, we want you to feel confident in your decision. We understand how complicated and overwhelming it can seem, especially if you have never taken out a traditional loan.

To make it a bit easier for you, here are some questions to ask potential pre-settlement funding companies. Every company should have clear answers to these questions. If they don’t, then you should go elsewhere.

What are your fees?

Some companies charge high application fees before being approved. At Stonewood Funding, the application is 100% free, so you will not have to pay anything upfront.

How quickly can I expect funds?

Every pre-settlement lawsuit company has different timeframes. At Stonewood Funding, once you are approved, you will receive your funding within 24 hours.

Will you contact my attorney?

Any reputable company should require attorney cooperation for legal funding. If they don’t, then you should look elsewhere.

What if my case is unsuccessful?

Some lawsuit settlement loans must be paid back, regardless of the outcome of the case, which could put you in a dire financial situation. At Stonewood Funding, if your case is unsuccessful, you will not repay your loan. Guaranteed.

Contact Us Today

Lawsuit Loans Legal Cash Advance

Stonewood Funding can empower you to keep fighting your lawsuit so that you can secure the compensation you truly deserve.

Catering for your everyday needs and piling medical bills should not be a challenge, with our help you can focus on your recovery.

We offer the best rates around, and we will review your case to only loan you what you need. We will guide you through the process so that you can maximize the benefit of your lawsuit loan, and maximize what you receive in your eventual settlement.

We will work with your attorney, who will pay us from your eventual settlement. If your case is unsuccessful, we will not receive anything!

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we are waiting to hear from you.

Ready to get started? Apply online today to start your free application for lawsuit funding!

Settlement Funding Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional lawsuit settlement funding companies run with very high-interest rates. Most compound interest is monthly, and rates can run between 40% and 60% each year! This is comparable to payday loans. At Stonewood Funding, we beat the competition’s rates.

Our lawsuit loans are not technically “loans.” This is because they are non-recourse, meaning you do not have to pay unless you win.

Yes, borrowing money from a pending lawsuit is how lawsuit loans or pre-settlement funding works.

No, our loans are non-recourse meaning you only pay if you win.

Yes, a lawsuit loan can help you secure a larger settlement. Rather than settling for a low-ball offer because you need the money, your attorney will be able to keep fighting for what you really deserve.

Legal funding can be invaluable for some people. If you need money urgently to live and pay bills, then lawsuit loans will ensure that you can live comfortably while you secure compensation.

It could help you to focus on your recovery, and protect your right to fight your case every step of the way. While ultimately it will take a small portion of your eventual settlement, in the long run, many people end up better off, as the settlement they secure more than makes up for it.

If you have already received a lawsuit loan and need another then we may be able to provide you with legal funding a second time. However, it depends on the specific circumstances of your case, we will have one of our underwriters reassess your case and determine if your request can be authorized.

Your lawsuit loan agreement will detail the amount and other terms, which you can review with your attorney. Your attorney will then repay the funding amount from the proceeds of the case if it is successful. If your case is unsuccessful then your case will be closed, and we will not receive anything.

Most state bar associations deem it unethical for attorneys to provide loans for their clients in any form. Instead, you will need to get a lawsuit loan from a company designed to do just that.

However, attorneys hired on a contingency basis are allowed to pay for case-related litigation expenses and be reimbursed by your settlement. This means your loan can be used to pay for your day-to-day life, as well as things like medical expenses and property repair.

Your credit has no bearing on whether you are approved for a lawsuit loan with Stonewood Funding. We take payment from your settlement if you are successful, therefore your personal financial situation doesn’t matter to us. Any company that does require proof of employment or credit checks should be avoided.

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