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Need cash before your case settles? There is no fee to apply, and you owe us nothing if you lose your case.

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Disclaimer: "Lawsuit loans" are not traditional loans.

Receiving legal funding is commonly referred to as a “lawsuit loan” or “pre-settlement funding” but please note this is not a traditional loan since if you lose your case, you owe us nothing. This type of loan is referred to as a non-recourse loan & is the only type of legal funding Stonewood Funding provides it’s clients.

What Is a Car Accident Loan?

A pre-settlement car accident loan is a risk-free cash advance.

The definition of a pre-settlement auto accident loan is non-recourse funding for car accident claims. However, you should not consider this type of financing as a loan in the traditional sense due to the fact that pre-settlement car accident loans do not require checks on credit history or employment verification to underwrite the loan and it is not secured by property (like a car or a house).

If you do not successfully settle your car accident claim, then you will not be responsible for the repayment of the car accident cash advance.

At Stonewood Funding, we can fund your case while you wait for the maximum settlement, and if you do not win your case, you won’t owe us anything. Book a free consultation with us now let’s get you started!

How It Works: Just 3 Easy Steps!

Car accident loans grant you cash from your settlement before your case is finalized.

Step 1: You Apply

You apply online or call 844-544-3863 to speak with our customer service rep

Step 2: We Review

We review your application and evaluate your case with your attorney.

Step 3: Get Funding

You receive your cash almost immediately after approval.

Understanding Car Accident Lawsuits

A car accident can cause great distress in a person’s life, especially if they have suffered serious injuries that affected their lifestyle and career.

If you want to avoid the pressure of accepting a lowball car accident settlement from an insurance company, then you should explore the option of auto accident settlement loans which can help you to keep your head above water.

Stonewood Funding can help you with a car accident cash advance while you are trying to reach a fair settlement with an insurance company through your car accident lawsuit.

All types of auto accident claims, including taxi accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, semi-truck accidents, RV accidents, and more are covered by our legal funding – regardless of the cause of the accident.

You will only have to repay the pre-settlement auto accident loan if you win the lawsuit, and you can keep the cash even if the lawsuit is not ruled in your favor.

The Stonewood Advantage: Responsible Auto Accident Legal Funding

When you choose Stonewood Funding, you should know that you are working with a legal funding company that cares about each and every one of its clients and cases.

We are recognized as one of the top legal funding companies that provide auto accident victims who are expecting a successful lawsuit settlement with specialized pre-settlement financing and efficient legal funding.

Our legal funding team understands the difficulties of car accident settlement loans, and we will always make the process fast and easy for you – no strings attached.

If you need assistance with financing your living expenses, monthly payments, medical bills, and other financial pressures while you and your personal injury lawyer are fighting your case, then we can help you today!

Our cash advance loans have no application fees or risk for you and your family. All you need to do is hire a car accident attorney and file your car accident claim. Once you have completed those steps, then you can give us a call.

Our highly skilled legal funding team will provide you with the funds in less than 24 hours after you have been approved by our underwriters.

Apply online or contact our toll-free number at 844-544-3863 to start your free application!

Get $1,500 to $250,000 in your bank account within 24 hours.

How Do You Qualify for a Car Accident Loan?

If you were injured due to the negligence of another driver, have an active ongoing car accident claim and you are being represented by a car accident lawyer, then you will qualify for an auto accident settlement loan.

Accident victims will be entitled to differing amounts depending on the potential value of the lawsuit and its chance of success. When we make you an offer, we will consider things such as:

What is the potential value of your final settlement?

Your eventual settlement value is influenced by things such as the severity of your injuries, property damage, medical bills, and your emotional pain and suffering. The biggest determining factor in how much you could be paid out in a lawsuit settlement loan is how much your eventual settlement could be.

What insurance coverage does the defendant have?

The amount you receive in compensation could be partially impacted by the insurance coverage of the defendant. Therefore we will assess this before offering you a loan.

How clearly liable is the defendant?

How clear is it that the other party was at-fault for your injuries? If your claim is backed by strong evidence such as witnesses, CCTV, and a police report, then this will all help strengthen your claim.

Have you requested a lawsuit fund from us before?

If you have previously secured a loan from us, but need additional funding while you await your settlement, then our underwriters will review your case and determine if you are eligible for a second loan.

Types of Auto Accident Lawsuits We Fund

We offer legal funding for most types of auto accident lawsuit cases in California.

Boat Accidents

Bus Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Limo Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Hit and Run Accidents

Semi Truck Accidents

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Railroad and Train Accidents

Police Car Accidents

Uber / Lyft Accidents

Why Should I Apply For a Car Accident Cash Advance?

If you want to get a start on protecting your future with a fast, safe, and non-invasive approach, then you should consider a car accident cash advance from Stonewood Funding. While you have several lawsuit loan companies to choose from, here’s why we think you should choose us.

Instant help​

We will answer your questions quickly and efficiently. Our clients’ level of satisfaction is determined by our approval rate, live updates, and fast process.

Fast funds

You can get a fast cash advance from your expected car accident lawsuit.

Quick process

Experience our fast car accident pre-settlement funding process and receive your cash advance tomorrow.

Safe funding

You can receive a safe car accident settlement loan from a widely known legal funding company.

Low-Interest Rates

Stonewood Funding beats any pre-settlement funding company’s interest rates out there.

Rent won’t wait for your settlement. Why should you?

Car Accident Loan Guide: The 3-step Process

Step 1. Apply

You can complete your application for a car accident loan plan online or by phone. Remember to provide only basic information.

Step 2. Evaluation

The most important step is evaluation. Your car accident attorney must cooperate with our team. We will discuss the facts and determine the value of your case. After one day, you will receive our decision.

Step 3. Access funds

You and your car accident lawyer will have to sign a contract once we have approved the case. The legal funding will be sent after receiving the dually signed agreement (usually within one business day).

Is an Auto Accident Settlement Advance Right For You?

Auto accident loans from Stonewood Funding are a lifeline for people who are in need of financial assistance after suffering in car accidents. You can fund your case and receive a quick pre-settlement auto accident loan.

It can be an exhausting and stressful process to deal with the at-fault party’s insurance company after getting injured in a car accident.

Sometimes, you can be tempted to accept a low-ball offer that an insurance adjuster offers because you are left without income and you have to pay for a number of things after an accident. If you are tempted to settle for less than you deserve then you should consider a car accident loan.

Auto Accident Statistics

Despite tough laws against reckless drivers, auto accident statistics in the United States are shocking

  • Crashes are the leading cause of death for people aged 1-54 in the United States. (1)
  • Over 46,000 people die each year in auto accidents across the U.S. (2)
  • There are more road crash deaths in the U.S than in any other high-income country, around 50% higher than in Canada or Australia. (2)
  • Bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities continue to rise in the U.S, and in 2018 more of them were killed than in any other year since 1990. (3)
  • Additionally, around 4.4 million people suffer injuries that require medical attention. (2)
  • Road crashes cost American citizens $871 billion each year. (4)
  • Road accidents cost the country over $380 million in medical costs. (2)




Insurance Companies & Lawsuit Loans on Auto Accident Settlements

Companies that offer pre-settlement loans will always ask to see the defendant’s insurance policy. The value of your auto accident claim may be dictated by their coverage and yours, depending on state laws.

No-Fault States

In no-fault states such as Florida, Utah, and New York, your own insurance will cover your own medical costs, up to a set amount, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. In these states, you can only make a claim against the at-fault driver if your medical expenses exceed your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage.

If your expenses do not exceed your PIP protection, then you will be unable to claim against the at-fault driver, and therefore you will not be able to secure a car accident advance.

Comparative fault

Some states utilize a comparative fault law, including Kansas, Colorado, Georgia, and Idaho. In these states car accident victims can only seek compensation if they were less than 50% at fault for the accident. If you are found to share some of the fault, then your settlement will be reduced to reflect that.

For example, if you were speeding, but another driver ran a red light, you may be found to be 25% at fault for the accident. Your future settlement will then be reduced by 25%, and your auto accident lawsuit loan will also reflect this.

Pure Contributory Fault

In other states, there is a pure contributory fault law, including Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia. In these states, you can recover a percentage of your damages even if you are more than 50% at fault for the accident.

For example, if you are found to be 85% at fault for an accident, you will still be able to claim 15% of your damages.

Bills won’t wait for your settlement. Why should you?

Why Choose Stonewood Funding?

No Risks Involved

There are no risks involved when you choose Stonewood Funding. No credit checks, no upfront payments, and no monthly charges! In addition, you will not owe us a dime in the event that you lose the case.

Easy Process & Instant Funding

You will experience fast and easy pre-settlement funding when you choose Stonewood Funding. Once you are approved, you will have immediate access to your pre-settlement car accident loan.

Fair & Affordable Rates

There are no implicit terms or hidden charges when you choose Stonewood Funding. The low rates that we offer will beat every other funding company.

Contact Us Today!

Car Accident Loans

Car accident settlement loans provide people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents with the financial assistance that they need until their case is settled.

You can start your free lawsuit funding application by applying online or calling us now.

Our team will thoroughly review and evaluate your case alongside your car accident lawyer.

You will receive your car accident loan almost immediately after you have been approved!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get a loan on a car accident settlement!

Stonewood Funding will finance almost every personal injury lawsuit on the condition that the individual has filed a personal injury lawsuit.

An auto accident cash advance will help you to recover financially when you are in a difficult position. For example:

  • When you are in need of money to take care of your living expenses.
  • A car accident cash advance will put you in a better position when dealing with the at-fault party’s insurance company (so that you do not have to settle for an offer that is less than you deserve).
  • If your case is unable to reach a resolution, then you will not have to pay back the cash advance pre-settlement funds.

The application to apply for car accident settlement loans is completely free! Our 24/7 availability will allow you to apply at any time of the day or night — either over the phone (by calling 844-544-3863 or online.

We will send the agreement paperwork that will highlight the amount, along with additional terms to your car accident attorney. If the car accident settlement is successful, then your car accident attorney can repay the funding amount from the proceeds of the case.

Car accident loans are different because you will not have to pay back car accident settlement loans in the event that your case loses at trial.

Non-recourse financing means that you do not have to pay a dime if you do not win your case.

If you do not have an auto accident attorney, then you should definitely hire one as soon as possible. If an auto accident attorney has not been hired for your case, then most car accident lawsuit funding companies will not offer you funds.

It is important that you retain a car accident attorney after you have been injured in a car accident in order to qualify for a cash advance.

Anyone who is awaiting a car accident settlement will qualify for a pre-settlement loan. We will not check your credit or request any documents that reveal your financial information. The only information and documents we will need from you are the ones related to your car accident claim.

There are a number of reasons why a car accident lawsuit loan can be helpful for you. A pre-settlement car accident loan always helps to put people in a better position so that they can focus on fighting their lawsuit with their car accident lawyer.

Car accident loans will provide you with the financial relief that you need while your car accident lawyer secures the highest possible compensation for you and your family.

Insurance companies are notorious for wanting to delay a car accident settlement, but a pre-settlement car accident loan can help you to get ahead with your finances while you are waiting for an offer from your insurance company or court case.

A pre-settlement auto accident loan is an excellent way for people to get back on track with their finances as they are fighting for a fair settlement.

The money that you receive in a car accident settlement loan can be used for a number of different things while your case is pending. It can be used for covering:

  • Medical bills for treatments that an insurance settlement or a lawsuit will not cover.
  • Everyday living expenses.
  • Food and other general bills.
  • Car payments and more.

No worries, we understand not every car accident case will result in a successful settlement.

If you lose your settlement after receiving pre-settlement funding with Stonewood Funding, you owe us nothing! Keep the cash advance and we will write off any future collections.

We will evaluate your case as soon as you reach out to us. Our legal funding team will determine how much money we can offer you, and then you will typically receive the funds within one business day after approval, but some times even the same day!

The funding we offer for car accident lawsuit loans can be flexible and may be specifically tailored to suit the needs of each individual case.

If you need extra cash, then we will have to re-examine the facts and circumstances surrounding your case in order to determine whether additional funds can be authorized.

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