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Stonewood Funding specializes in providing affordable Same Day Pre-Settlement Loans to those who need it most. With our fast and reliable funding solutions, you can access the financial support you require today, without the wait. Our expertise in legal financing, combined with years of experience helping those in need, position us as the best settlement funding company in America. We understand the urgency and sensitivity of your situation, which is why our dedicated team works diligently to ensure a smooth, hassle-free process.

At Stonewood Funding, we’re not just a funding company; we’re your partner, offering you the financial lifeline you need with the speed and efficiency you deserve.

Are Same-Day Pre-Settlement Loans Possible?

Are Same-Day Pre-Settlement Loans Possible?

Yes! It is possible to obtain a same-day pre-settlement loan. However, your ability to get a loan on the same day is dependent on how quickly we receive the information we need to process your loan along with a few other logistical factors noted below.

For you to obtain a same-day settlement loan, the following will need to occur:

  • You must begin the process well before noon PST (the bank transfer cut-off time)
  • You must be available to provide us with the details of your lawsuit
  • You must submit all required information, including your application for the loan
  • You must have your attorney ready to speak with us and sign the funding contract

The most challenging part of finalizing a loan on the same day is your attorney’s availability. Many times lawyers are busy with other client appointments and court appearances. However, we will need them to help us understand your case’s circumstances and sign the loan contract.

Steps Required For A Same-Day Pre-Settlement Loan

At Stonewood Funding, we have a set process to follow to help you obtain the money you need.

Step #1: Fill Out Our Free Lawsuit Loan Application Online

Your first step is to fill out the loan application online. In the application, you’ll provide us with your details, including your name, email, phone number, and the contact information for your attorney.

You will also indicate the type of personal injury lawsuit you have filed. A pre-settlement loan is available for just about any personal injury case.

Step #2: Contact Your Attorney and Allow Them to Speak with Stonewood Funding

Attorneys are obliged to follow the attorney-client privilege rules, which means they cannot speak with any external parties regarding your case unless you allow them to.

Notify your attorney that you have applied for a cash advance for your settlement and will need them to speak about the case with Stonewood Funding. Tell them that Stonewood Funding will likely ask questions about the viability of your claim and how much you may expect to receive.

Step #3: Have Your Case Manager or Attorney Reach Out to Us (or We Can Give Them a Call)

Have Your Case Manager or Attorney Reach Out to Us (or We Can Give Them a Call)

Usually, your attorney or case manager should reach out to us. An attorney’s day is filled with appointments, court cases, and research, making it difficult for us to reach them at an opportune time.

If your case manager or attorney calls us, someone will always be available to speak with them regarding your pre-settlement loan.

Step #4: We Will Discuss Your Case with Your Attorney and Get Any Required Additional Information

To provide you with a loan, we’ll need to know the specifics of your case. These include the circumstances that resulted in your personal injury, as well as any evidence to support the facts of your case.

We’ll use the information provided by your attorney to determine the loan amount we can offer you.

Step #5: Pending Approval, We Will Provide You with a Funding Contract (Usually Within an Hour)

The funding contract we provide will include your loan details, including the amount we offer you. Interest charges and origination fees will be included in the contract. The agreement will outline other terms and conditions for your loan.

Step #6: Client and Attorney Sign the Funding Contract

Client and Attorney Sign the Funding Contract

Once your funding is approved, you and your attorney must sign the funding contract. Your signature indicates that you agree with the terms and conditions of the loan. Signatures are required once Stonewood Funding has approved your loan.

Step #7: Once the Contract Has Been Finalized, the Transfer of Funds Will Begin

Same-day funding is usually available if all of the steps required have been finished before noon PST. In some cases, funding may take an additional day if time is needed to approve your loan.

Our loans are deposited into your bank account via a direct deposit transfer.

Tips for Getting a Same-Day Pre-Settlement Loan

To speed up the lending process, make sure to follow these tips:

Tip #1: Apply for pre-settlement funding ASAP

For the quickest results, it’s best to get all of your ducks in a row. Begin the lending process before 10 am PST. Ensure that you have all of the information required to support your claim. Ask your attorney to be available for a short call with Stonewood Funding.

To begin the lending process, apply online or contact our specialists at 844-544-3863.

Tip #2: Contact our specialists directly after applying

After applying, give our specialists a call at 844-544-3863. During the call, let us know that you want to obtain funding before the end of the day. Knowing that you need immediate financing can help us to prioritize your loan.

Tip #3: Swiftly provide all required information

Swiftly provide all required information

We’ll need as much supporting information about your case as possible. Supporting details include court documents, copies of insurance company information, and any other relevant information. We’ll provide you with a list of the information needed at the beginning of the lending process.

Tip #4: Notify your attorney of the urgency

Your personal injury attorney must speak with us and sign the funding agreement before money can be released. If you need same-day funding, you’ll need to make sure they are available to handle the details on their end.

Keep in mind that if you cannot organize all of the steps to obtain same-day funding, not all is lost! You can usually receive financing on the following business day.

Why Same-Day Pre-Settlement Loans Matter

Why Same Day Pre-Settlement Loans Matter

Sometimes, you may not have the time to wait for a future settlement to come through. If you need the money to pay immediate bills, like rent and living expenses, a pre-settlement loan can help you.

Pre-settlement loans are made based on your expected personal injury settlement for your valid court case. There is no credit check or collateral required. You’ll obtain the money you need based on the information you and your attorney provide us regarding your court case.

Our pre-settlement loans are based entirely on the validity of your lawsuit. If you lose your case or cannot obtain a settlement, we absorb your financing costs. You only pay us if you win your case.

Can I Get a Pre-Settlement Loan Today?

If you need immediate funding to cover the cost of medical bills, rent, groceries, or other expenses, Stonewood Funding can help!

Begin the application process by filling out our loan application online. You can also reach us by phone at 844-544-3863 for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you obtain the money you need.

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