Stonewood Funding


At Stonewood Funding , we believe in the power of collaboration and expertise to achieve exceptional results. Our team is composed of dedicated professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Every member of our team is committed to providing outstanding service and support to our clients, ensuring that their needs are met with the utmost care and efficiency.

Richard Shamooilian is the visionary leader and Chief Executive Officer of Stonewood Funding, a pre-settlement funding company.
David J. Shophet is a distinguished professional in the pre-settlement funding industry at Stonewood Funding.
Luis Rivas is a foundational pillar of Stonewood Funding, having been with the company since its inception.
Julia Perez is a dynamic sales and intake coordinator with a wealth of experience in the legal industry, specializing in lemon law, plaintiff employment cases.
William Lau serves as a vital member of our pre-settlement funding team, leveraging his administrative prowess to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness.
Kris Garcia is an integral part of our pre-settlement funding team, bringing his extensive administrative expertise and organizational skills.
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