Stonewood Funding

David J. Shophet

David J. Shophet is a distinguished professional in the pre-settlement funding industry at Stonewood Funding. With over a decade of experience, David’s expertise in finance and asset management ensures the company’s funding strategies and client services deliver exceptional results.
Since 2010, David has been committed to providing financial solutions, leveraging his extensive knowledge and experience to benefit Stonewood Funding. He earned his degree in Real Estate Development and Urban Planning from the University of Southern California (USC), providing a solid foundation for his successful career.
Beyond his professional endeavors, David is a dedicated family man who values quality time with his wife and two young sons. Traveling together is a cherished activity, allowing them to explore new cultures and create lasting memories. David J. Shophet’s passion for finance, coupled with his meticulous approach to funding and asset management, makes him a vital asset to Stonewood Funding. His dedication to excellence and data-driven decision-making significantly contribute to the company’s continued success in the competitive pre-settlement funding industry.
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