Stonewood Funding

Julia Perez

Julia Perez is a dynamic sales and intake coordinator with a wealth of experience in the legal industry, specializing in lemon law, plaintiff employment cases, and personal injury. With her expertise spanning executive management, sales, and business development, Julia is adept at driving organizational success and client satisfaction.
At Stonewood Funding, Julia spearheads sales strategies and relationship building initiatives, leveraging her sharp ability to identify opportunities and foster connections with law firms. Her comprehensive understanding of legal nuances allows her to effectively manage intake processes, ensuring seamless client experiences from initial contact to resolution.
Julia is renowned for her ability in optimizing efficiency and enhancing customer service standards. Her keen focus on continuous improvement enables her to stay ahead of industry trends and adapt strategies to meet evolving client needs.
Apart from her vast knowledge, Julia is bilingual and very dedicated to providing compassionate support to Hispanic clients within the legal industry. Her proficiency in Spanish allows her to bridge language barriers, facilitating clear and accurate communication throughout the intake process. Julia’s genuine compassion for Hispanic clients enables her to build trust and rapport quickly, fostering a supportive environment where clients feel valued and understood.
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