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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

Guide to Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

Losing a loved one is always tragic, but your grief is compounded when your loved one’s death is due to someone else’s negligence. A wrongful death legal funding can’t erase your grief or bring your loved one back; however, when you are struggling financially after a loss, legal settlement funding can help as compensation to lift some of that burden and allow you the space to begin healing.

Don’t allow financial concerns to stop you when it matters most! Pre-settlement funding and post-settlement wrongful death lawsuit funding options are available at Stonewood, giving you access to instant legal funds while you await your final payment. Apply now for funding and take the first step toward getting the money you require.

The downside to the legal funding process is that wrongful death legal funding litigation can take a very long time. Stonewood Funding offers a wrongful death lawsuit loan to help you cover immediate and necessary expenses while you proceed through this challenging time.

How Can Surviving Family Members Benefit From Lawsuit Funding?

Lawsuit funding can help you and your family stay financially afloat, especially if you have lost your family’s breadwinner. After all, you still need to pay bills, rent, car payments, property damage, and your loved one’s burial expenses. You may even have hospital bills if your loved one received medical care before their passing.

Handling these expenses when you’re grieving is hard enough. But if you were financially dependent on your lost family member, it’s easy to find yourself in a very difficult financial situation without a lawsuit loan or other financial help.

Wrongful death legal funding is designed to help you and your family regain financial independence, both by covering expenses and making up for your late family member’s lost wages. If possible, a lawsuit cash advance gives you that help right away while your case settles.

What Is a Wrongful Death Personal Injury Claim?

A wrongful death claim can be filed if someone is killed due to another person’s wrongful conduct or negligence. Some of the most common wrongful death lawsuits are due to dangerous or defective products, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, premises liability claims, and personal injury claims.

In a wrongful death claim, you must prove two things: (1) that the other party acted wrongfully or negligently and (2) that that action directly caused your loved one’s death.

There are two categories of damages available in a personal injury lawsuit: non-economic and economic.

Economic damages cover costs associated with funeral and burial arrangements, loss of benefits the family would have received, wages and medical bills the victim’s family would have received if the victim were still alive, and any unpaid medical bills resulting from the accident.

Non-economic damages, such as emotional distress and the loss of a loved one’s company and support, the loss of the victim’s instruction and direction, and the loss of the chance to have sexual relations with the victim, can also be awarded in wrongful death proceedings.

Who Qualifies for Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding?

Not everyone can file a wrongful death lawsuit or qualify for wrongful death funding; you must have had a significantly close relationship with the victim. Those who may be eligible to file a suit include the victim’s spouse, children, stepchildren, domestic partners, and parents.

Certain parties have priority when it comes to filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Children, spouses, and domestic partners have the first opportunity to do so. If the victim had none of these, then the other parties may file. To recover compensation, these parties must be able to demonstrate their financial dependence on the victim with the help of financial experts.

How to Apply for Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

How to Apply for Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

To apply for support for wrongful death lawsuits, adhere to the following detailed instructions:

  1. Investigate Funding Companies

Get started by looking at respectable financing firms that concentrate on wrongful death cases. Seek out organizations that have dealt with similar situations in the past and provide funding and good conditions to candidates.

  1. Collect Required Documentation

Compile all pertinent records about the wrongful death case. This might contain the death certificate, details of the accident that caused the death, police reports, medical records, and any court documents associated with the lawsuits.

  1. Speak with Funding Companies

Contact the funding organizations you have found and ask about the application procedure. They will probably send you an application to complete. Fill out the application fees that the funding provider has given. Provide accurate and comprehensive data on the case, such as the deceased’s medical history, cause of death, and the status of the lawsuit.

  1. Examine the Terms and Conditions

Examine the terms and circumstances of the funding agreement that the firm has offered with great care. Pay close attention to the costs, terms of repayment, and any other requirements related to the funding.

  1. Wait for Approval

After you submit your application and supporting materials, the financing business will examine your case. Depending on the intricacy of your claim and the volume of work the firm has, this procedure might take some time.

  1. Receive Funding

If your application is accepted, the financing business will provide you with the agreed-upon financial obligations. This might lessen your financial burden while you wait for your claim to be resolved.

To speed up the approval process, consider the following suggestions:

  • Verify the accuracy and thoroughness of any supporting documentation before submitting your application.
  • In response to the finance company’s requests for further information or clarification, act promptly.
  • Select a loan company with a track record of offering prompt service and a user-friendly application process.
  • Please provide the finance company with as much information as possible so they can assess your case as soon as possible.

What is a General Timeline for Settlement Funding?

The timeline to get a settlement check can vary based on several variables, including the case’s complexity, the parties’ cooperation, and the funding company’s regulations. This is a summary of the usual timeline:

Application Process

Once you apply for settlement funds, the financing process often takes a few days to a few weeks to assess your application for the expected settlement amount and supporting paperwork. This timeline could change depending on the volume of work at the firm and how comprehensive your application is.

Case Study Analysis

The funding business will evaluate your case and determine how much cash you qualify for after reviewing your application. Analyzing the merits of your case, the anticipated settlement sum, and other pertinent variables may be part of this assessment.

Approval and Funding

What is a General Timeline for Settlement Funding?

If the financing business approves your application, you will get the agreed-upon amount of pre-settlement funding and essential expenses. Usually, this procedure takes a few days following the clearance decision.

Post-Release Options

Following the receipt of your settlement payment, you might be able to apply for post-release funding. This entails receiving a lump sum payment in return for selling a portion of your future legal funding. Depending on the precise conditions of the contract with the financing business, the post-release funding period may change.

Tracking Your Check

You might wish to follow the status of your settlement check once it is issued to ensure it arrives on schedule. Certain legal funding firms offer customer support services or online tracking tools so you can monitor its progress and address any problems that could arise during delivery.

How To Track Your Check?

To track the progress of your check, you can use online banking and get tracking information from the issuer. If the check was delivered by mail, use the tracking number provided by the mail carrier to follow up on your check. To find out if the check has been cashed or is still pending, you may alternatively use a bank’s mobile app or go in person for assistance with other post-release options.

Generally speaking, the timeline to get a settlement check for legal funding might range anywhere from a few days to several weeks, contingent upon the specifics of your case and the funding company’s effectiveness. To speed up the process, it’s critical to collaborate closely with the funding business and deliver any needed papers as soon as possible.

What Are The Average Settlement Amounts for Car Accident and Personal Injury Cases?

The average settlement value for legal funding of a car accident and personal injury varies greatly based on jurisdiction, responsibility, and the extent of injuries.

The average sum for each personal injury lawsuit loan for car accidents can vary from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. In more serious incidents, they may even reach millions of dollars. Settlements for personal injuries can also differ significantly, depending on several criteria, including medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and the degree of permanent impairment.

What Expenses Can Pre-Settlement Funding Cover for a Wrongful Death?

What Expenses Can Pre-Settlement Funding Cover for a Wrongful Death?

How much legal funding and financial assistance you can recover will depend on several factors, including how much your loved one earned and contributed to your household costs. The costs you incur after your loved one’s death can be astronomical. Hospital bills can add up quickly, and a pre-settlement lawsuit loan can help cover these expenses. Additionally, funeral costs are usually at least $7,000 to $9,000.

Pre-settlement funding in the form of a cash advance can cover a range of expenses, including:

  • Costs for memorial services, funerals, and burials
  • Property damage (like damage to your car in a motor vehicle accident)
  • Any remaining medical expenses
  • Regular monthly expenses (rent, utilities, groceries, credit card payments, etc.)
  • Attorney fees and other costs of pursuing legal action
  • Other everyday expenses

It’s hard to say exactly how much you may recover in damages. With a successful wrongful death lawsuit, most people recover between $500 and $500,000, though the amount can vary quite a bit depending on individual circumstances.

Risks and Considerations of Lawsuit Funding

Although a lawsuit legal financing can provide instant cash relief, it’s important to understand the associated risks and other factors:

Potential Risks

Lawsuit funding carries some inherent risks, such as the potential for case loss and interest-bearing repayment of the funding amount. Repaying more funds can still be required if your lawsuit doesn’t settle or if you lose at trial.

Interest Rates and Conditions of Repayment

Agreements for lawsuit funding may have exorbitant fees and interest rates. To fully comprehend the financial ramifications, it is imperative that you thoroughly review the agreement’s details, including the interest rate, payback timeline, and any additional costs.

Acknowledging the Agreement

It’s critical to comprehend the terms and conditions before signing any deal for future settlement. Spend some time thoroughly reading the agreement, and get legal counsel if needed to be sure you understand your rights and duties.

People can decide on lawsuit funding by being well-informed about the possible hazards, interest rates, payback periods, and the significance of reading the agreement completely with the help of funding specialists.

Why Work With Stonewood Funding for Wrongful Death Pre-Settlement Funding?

Why Work With Stonewood Funding for Wrongful Death Pre-Settlement Funding?

At Stonewood Funding, we know how stressful it can be to wait for a wrongful death lawsuit to settle. A pending case can be drawn out by the insurance company of the opposing party, and other delays in the legal system. But without some immediate wrongful death lawsuit funding, it’s easy for a family to face financial ruin.

Do you need immediate financial support while waiting for your settlement? Look no further! For prompt relief, check out our same-day pre-settlement loans. Our streamlined process makes applying for funding quick and simple. Apply for funding right now and start obtaining the necessary financial assistance.

With our lawsuit funding, you can get an immediate cash advance before your case is settled. This type is often called a “lawsuit loan,” but it doesn’t operate like a traditional Los Angeles Settlement Funding loan, where you receive funding and then pay it back in installments.

Unfortunately, some victims’ families never apply for wrongful death lawsuit funding because they don’t think they can afford it. In some cases, they’re correct, as some funding companies require you to pay back the legal funding even if you don’t win. This can put your family back into the same financial predicament they faced before the cash advance.

By contrast, applying with us is completely risk-free. You only pay back the funding if you win your case and receive a successful settlement. If you don’t win, the money is yours to use to pay your expenses, and you don’t have to pay us back anything.

When we consider you for wrongful death lawsuit funding, we also don’t take your credit history or score into account; our decision is based solely on the facts of your case and how likely you are to win a settlement. When you apply, your credit check will not be affected.

We know your bills don’t stop with the loss of a loved one, so we’re committed to getting you your California pre-settlement loans as soon as possible. Here are the three simple steps to get started:

  1. You apply for legal funding (before you do this, make sure to contact your attorney and permit them to speak with us)
  2. We review the facts of your case and the rest of your application
  3. If approved, you get a cash advance pretty much right away (within 24 hours)

At Stonewood Funding, we strive to perform better than competitor funding firms because we encourage an easy, quick, and risk-free application process.

Apply for Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding Today!

We know that struggling with grief and financial instability can be agonizing, and it might feel like there’s no way out. But a lawsuit cash advance is within reach! Let us help you find security as you grieve. Apply online today or call now at 866-938-6028(FUND).

FAQ About Wrongful Death

How Long Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Take?

Wrongful death lawsuits can take anywhere from a few months to four years or even more. Unfortunately, without knowing the facts of your case, it’s impossible to tell how long yours may take. In general, lawsuits will take longer if there’s a large settlement on the line.
The larger the settlement, the more likely insurance companies are to drag out the process. They often do this to see if the victim’s family will run out of money and accept a lower settlement amount. That’s one more reason to work with an attorney and a California lawsuit loan company you can trust. The insurance companies are not on your side!

How Can a Wrongful Death Settlement Loan Help Surviving Family Members?

Wrongful death lawsuit funding (sometimes called a lawsuit loan) can help family members stay financially stable and gain financial independence as they wait for a settlement to come through. This type of loan advance can help you cover costs related to the death, including medical and burial costs. It can also help you cover bills and everyday expenses.

Are Wrongful Death Cases Hard to Win?

Sometimes, they are. The most important factor is how obvious the other party’s gross negligence was. For example, if your loved one was hit and killed by a trucker who was drunk on the job, your wrongful death lawsuit loan will likely be resolved quickly. You may even be awarded a settlement without filing a lawsuit. However, in other cases, negligence takes more time and resources to prove. Another example is medical malpractice and mortgage payments. These cases are very complex and difficult to litigate. In many cases, you also need an experienced malpractice attorney to represent you.

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